11Aug 2016

Finally we have got round to writing our first blog!blog - rightclick

My name is Christian Garrington, I have been working in online marketing for over 20 years. I started doing web design and development during a time when ‘Lycos’ was a popular search engine; since then I got into SEO by accident and became more interested in search and online marketing.

After working as an independent web designer and on numerous web projects for over 5 years I decided to work for an online marketing agency. This allowed me to focus purely on online marketing and develop tactics and strategy on behalf of many types of clients.

After helping shape the agency, managing a team of SEO and PPC managers, developing online strategy and direction for clients such as Peugeot and Halfords; I felt it was time to go direct to clients as a consultant.

I now continue to manage client’s online marketing activity, PPC, SEO, Content Development and Link Building.

I have a particular interest in Link Building and Content Development and believe that these elements are still crucial to the success of any website looking to gain relevant traffic.

We intend on using this blog to share our insights, personal experiences, theories, opinions but also observations of what is happening online – We get regular updates from some of the world’s leading experts working within specific disciplines. I will be looking to share what I feel will help others succeed online.

We welcome feedback and any questions anyone has about online marketing, feel free to contact us.

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