15Oct 2016

When you search for websites on Google that may be of interest for you link building campaign, you often find so much more. If you are an SEO/Link Builder or website owner, it is often worth starting your campaign with top-level searches in Google. Searches that are relevant to your industry.

Simply search for:

  • industry associations
  • industry organisations

(Obviously replace ‘industry’ with your sector)

When you find just one very good example, then try a few related searches;

Search for:

  • related:www.website-you-found.com

Don’t go for the Competitor Analysis too Quickly!

There is nothing wrong with competitor backlink analysis, we’ve all done it and often try to find that golden nugget website that we feel is boosting the competitors.

BUT…. Personally I use these back link analysis tools ‘Majestic SEO’ and ‘ahref’ to often just get a feel for the type of sites that may be linking to your competitors. Then more of my effort goes into sourcing the ‘authority’ and ‘industry relevant’ type-sites.

Start with ‘Associations’

If you own a business and Google did not exist – how would you get your customers to TRUST you?

Well history will tell us that business and companies will become members of TRUSTED and well-respected associations; you may remember the ‘chamber of commerce’ or ‘business link’ (If in the UK)…

Google definitely works on TRUST…

Try to find relevant, useful associations that you can join and become part of a trusted network that could help you generate business…. Great for business right?

But as a checklist of benefits most memberships will also offer a website listing – so there is an added bonus….

We also find that when you talk to some of these associations they can offer so much more in terms of networking and communications. Which can all lead to new prospects – whatever your industry.

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